All new-value products are increasingly immatric, with features that are digital and increasingly short-lived. The expectation of digitally savvy customers and the race for innovation require agile, secure and actionable companies.

DevOps Methodology

Why do I need DevOps?

DevOps aims to improve the quality of software, the speed of development and deployment, and the collaboration between the teams involved and the customer. In the world of software development, DevOps provides a tool for organizational change from isolated, traditionally adversarial groups to collaborative teams. This structure makes it possible to compete more effectively in the marketplace by working more efficiently with shared resources and a common goal and collective responsibility.

DevOps Security

Therein lies the added value in DevSecOps

While DevOps takes care of provisioning and delivering the software and infrastructure for services, DevSecOps is responsible for IT compliance security and infrastructure.


Developers extend or revise new software artifacts. During development, security and operations are taken into account so that no problems are detected at runtime.


Durch die Einbeziehung der Anwendungssicherheit in einen einheitlichen DevSecOps-Prozess, vom ersten Entwurf bis zur endgültigen Release, können Fehler und Schwachstellen bereits davor behoben werden.


Ops beschreibt die Verwaltung der Software über den kompletten Lebenszyklus hinweg. Durch die Implementierung von Abläufen parallel zur Softwareentwicklung können neue Features nahezu in Echtzeit bereitgestellt werden.



Security in DevSecOps

We Help with Sec!

Our goal is to integrate automated security analytics into the cycle that are as transparent as possible and do not require manual configuration. This goal is achieved with scanner software within the DevOps toolchain. This automation also reduces the risk of management failures, operational disruptions, unexpected downtime, and successful hacking attacks. A high level of automation eliminates the need for manual configuration of any of the security system, ensuring a high level of agility.

Agile Development

Our Philosophy in Agile Software Development

Agile software development increases the speed of change and transparency while minimizing risks and undesirable developments.

Complete your tasks quickly
We recognize the importance of early, rapid and frequent releases.
Trust but Verify
Developers need a leap of faith in this process.
Data-driven Process
For this process, the collection of data is essential, because decision-making and evaluation require a sound data basis.

Agile Security Analyses

Basics of DevOpsSec

In a fast-changing environment, classic security approaches are not very good due to the fast-changing features in the software, because current security analysis is mostly point-scanning.

Data collection
For this process, the collection of data is essential, because the decision-making and evaluation of safety analyses requires a sound data basis.
Error Culture
Trust in the safety systems is required when an agile system is present. Furthermore, errors must be dealt with openly and the knowledge gained from them must be applied.
All security and non-security related data must be accessible to all stakeholders associated with the DevOps security process.


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