Structure of a Cyber Security Architecture

Basically, the Cyber Security Architecture can be described as follows: It is everything that is necessary to protect the IT infrastructure within a company. For this reason, it includes, for example, specifications, modern cryptography and processes that make it possible to reduce threats and increase productivity.

Security Concepts for any Organization

Our principles of Security Architecture

A successful IT infrastructure combines hardware, software and the network into one big whole. At the same time, it has important protective measures that implement the protection goals. It takes the requirements of the security architecture into account by means of security protocols, access authorization and regular security checks as well as evaluation of the changing environment.

New Organizations

Establishment of Customized Security Processes in Metaverse, Web3, DeFi, Crypto and NFTs

New technologies need special attention because many attack vectors are not known or have not been verified.

Custody Solutions
We will create a customized custody solution for you with the different types of wallet.
Blockchain Development
A blockchain is a new type of database model that can build trust when maintained in a decentralized consortium.



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