Cloud Transformation

The use of cloud technology simplifies numerous processes in the company and offers them enormous digitalization potential. At the same time, however, the cloud harbors certain security risks.

Definition and Explanation

The Cloud as an Important part of Digitization

The digital age brings with it numerous innovations that complement each other ever more quickly and comprehensively. Cloud transformation is only the first step in this direction. In fact, any further development requires a constant balancing act between introducing new tools and sticking to old processes and structures. Nevertheless, it has become clear that the cloud computing transformation is particularly significant for digitization.

The Advantages of the Cloud

Wide Range of Opportunities and Benefits

Cloud transformation enables a new way of working and creates the basis for agility and innovation. This makes environments such as the Google Cloud, AWS or Microsoft Azure a groundbreaking advancement.

Security and Data Protection

The major cloud platforms offer comprehensive cloud security and ensure data protection in the cloud.

Variety of Services

Most providers offer a wide range of services: From data analytics to machine learning to the Internet of Things, they offer companies almost every conceivable option.

Core Applications

Even core applications such as enterprise resource planning systems can be used in the software as a service model.



Baring before the Introduction

The Biggest Hurdle is not Technology

The biggest hurdle in cloud transformation is not technology: Rather, successful transition requires a company-specific strategy. It must not only take into account all business processes, but also involve the employees. To do this, it is necessary to communicate which goals the new strategy is pursuing. It is also essential to take into account the specifics of the corporate culture and organization.

Opportunities Outweigh

This is the Challenge to be met in Cloud Transformation

Transformation is not always easy. There are numerous cloud transformation challenges that need to be mastered:

The IT infrastructure in the company has evolved over the years. This continuous development creates a certain complexity at the same time. That is why many companies decide to move to the cloud step by step. All dependencies and interactions must be known before the company processes can move to the cloud.
Change Management
The changeover is associated with numerous changes. This necessitates well thought-out change management. Both IT and other employees must embrace the new technologies and understand the goals. Offerings such as the Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit provide important technical know-how. In this step, companies should also ensure that an appropriate error culture prevails in the IT department.
Privacy and Security
Data security and protection are important components of cloud transformation. In most cases, cloud providers already take comprehensive measures and ensure high security standards. Nevertheless, a regular pentest of the AWS configuration and other critical checks are advisable.

Process & Cloud Strategy

Cloud Transformation - Our Approach for a Smooth Process

A smooth process is particularly important for the cloud transformation of a company. The following tips will help to make this process optimal.

Holistic Cloud Strategy
The transformation is not an end in itself, but should flow seamlessly into the cloud strategy. These considerations include an architecture model as well as the implementation of new processes.
Focus on Control and Safety
In order to take full advantage of the cloud, it is necessary to have an overview and transparency of all security aspects.
Involve Stakeholders
The cloud transformation is not only important for IT, marketing or sales. It encompasses all business areas and departments and should therefore be accompanied by good communication.

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