Government Agencies

The number of ransomware attacks on government agencies and public institutions continues to rise. At the same time, the security situation in municipalities remains critical. This is because innovations in cyber security or a sophisticated security system are lacking in almost every public institution.

Public Sector and Cyber Security

Challenges for Government Authorities, Administration and Ministries

The changes do not stop at the public sector. Public institutions are facing problems as a result of digitalization, as the expertise for these developments is often not available in-house. One important area is IT security and adherence to certain compliance guidelines. Our Managing Director Jan Kahmen already has several years of experience in project implementation with public authorities in the areas of BSI IT baseline protection, penetration tests and code reviews.


Critical Infrastructure

IT Security in State Institutions

The lack of IT security in the public sector is due to a lack of financial resources. And it is also due to a lack of technical expertise. It is virtually impossible for such institutions to implement the infrastructure in accordance with the specifications of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Authorities / Ministries

The critical infrastructure of government organizations, as well as its interfaces with other ecosystems, requires close monitoring and the highest security standards.

Digital Administrations

Digital transformation in administration offers enormous potential for the state and society. However, this potential also offers risks that need to be evaluated.

Apps for Citizens

With apps, municipalities can offer their citizens a quick and direct overview of administrative processes and happenings in the city.



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