Awareness of the potential cyber security threat is usually present: But there is a lack of urgency to adapt the SME IT infrastructure, which has mostly grown slowly. After all, these structures have survived the years and have not posed a problem so far. The security gaps that exist in one's own company are rarely known.

Cyber Security for Small and Medium Enterprises

We in the SME environment

SMEs often do not have in-house specialists for their IT security problems. Our security consultant Fabian Gold (graduate engineer, OSCP) has several years of experience in network security and hardening measures in the area of office IT and production facilities. One focus of his long-term projects was the system management of SMEs in the field of cyber security.

No Sufficient IT Security

SMEs must Invest Significantly more in IT Security

Small and medium-sized enterprises are still among the most popular targets of cybercriminals. The lack of end-to-end IT security strategies is paying off for the hackers.

Classic IT Infrastructure

SMEs often have their own, albeit smaller, data centers with data storages that must of course be managed securely under their own responsibility.

Secure Cloud Transformation

The introduction of new technologies always requires a thorough evaluation of the possible risks and pitfalls. Safe transformations must be thoroughly implemented.

Knowledge Transfer + Awareness

Effective knowledge transfer to SMEs is important for their further development and adaptability to new threats from the Internet.

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