Sensitization through Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber Security Awareness pursues the goal of sensitizing a company's employees to security in the IT area. In this way, far-reaching dangers in IT security can be minimized. Various training measures are used to increase the necessary basic knowledge. Within the framework of these learning units, the necessary knowledge is imparted to the employees of your company. The result: they can recognize threats more quickly and incorporate this new expertise into their daily work.

Sensitization for Employees

The Goals of Good Security Awareness Training

To ensure security awareness, a single training session may be sufficient - or you may decide to hold IT training sessions on a regular basis. This makes sense, for example, if new threats are circulating or your company structure favors such an approach. A high turnover among employees, temporary workers or numerous external employees mean that training should be repeated at regular intervals. In this way, you strengthen the understanding of the security of data as well as the IT infrastructure in equal measure.



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