Cyber Security Management for the Entire Organization

Cyber Security Management offers you concepts that you can integrate into your technical and organizational systems. This involves systematically considering requirements, threats and vulnerabilities and assessing them on the basis of a risk analysis. All measures are integrated into the lifecycle of your system and applied to all components and interfaces.

Responsive Systems

Our Principles of Security Management

An important focus of security management is on security properties, threat assessment, risk assessment, and continuous risk analysis to identify threats, categorize assets, and assess system vulnerabilities.

Security Processes Thought Through to the End!

Cybersecurity Management Systems!

For management systems to achieve the desired success, threats must be analyzed, identified and eliminated at an early stage. A holistic ISMS, but also a Security Operations Center, is ideal for this purpose. For DevSecOps processes we offer our in-house platform turingssecure.

Classic security approaches are snapshots and are not effective in an agile environment. Steady cyber security should be implemented in the development cycle!
The objective of the ISMS is to increase and ensure information security so that defined security standards are met.
Security Operation Center
As a real-time system, it promotes improvements in your IT security and protects you from potential cyber threats.

Holistic Management Systems

Establishment of Customized Security Processes

Secure processes give you the opportunity to avert reputational damage and avoid the loss of sensitive data.

Process Monitoring
Process monitoring uses automated and centralized processes that detect threats quickly and reliably.
Incident Response
Incident Response Management allows you to respond to incidents in a timely manner to limit the potential damage.



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