Incident Response Management

IT security incidents can never be completely ruled out. That is why it is important to create an incident response plan by describing how responsible persons must react to possible cybercrime incidents.

Definition and Explanation

A Responsive IT Incident Management System

A timely response to the incident is necessary to contain the damage, because the loss of sensitive data or the damage to reputation can be existentially threatening. The graphic shows our Security Incident Response Process, which is also described below.



Incident Management Process

The Cycle of an Incident Investigation

We offer remote and on-site support in investigating security incidents to reduce their impact on your business. We can also provide consulting or executive support in closing the security gap.

First Steps after the Incident

Process Steps of the Incident Investigation

Cloud security and the like are an important topic for companies and organizations. With continuous monitoring of internal IT systems, security monitoring enables precisely this.

The team must be informed about possible incidents in existing processes. Furthermore, the procedures for prevention that are followed in the event of damage must be known to all stakeholders.
Thorough analysis of the security incident and classification of the threat. Determining whether there is a security incident or a false report.
Determine short- and long-term strategy for incident containment to prevent further escalation. Take all steps for mitigation and isolate existing systems if necessary.

Further Steps

The Advantages Summarized

Without an incident response plan, it is often not possible to detect attacks or data leaks. Restoring operations without such a plan is also not readily possible.

Their seamless records are traceable, making them suitable for compliance reporting.
Continuous monitoring helps visualize IT security status in real time, minimizing downtime in the IT infrastructure.
Lessons learned
Continuous review stands for comprehensive insight into the IT infrastructure. This means that the entire IT landscape is more transparent, which also benefits the work with DevSecOps.


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