Progressive Cyber Security for Your Business

Our experienced cyber security experts help you protect your applications and systems and implement progressive cyber security, cloud and penetration test concepts.

IT Security for your Company

Holistic Cyber Security Consulting for Sustainable Results

turingpoint GmbH is a boutique consultancy founded by security experts with a focus on cyber security.

Goals of turingpoint.

Mission and vision

The world is changing, more and more business and personal data is being stored. The processing of this information is often inadequately secured also because the resulting knowledge is often unknown. We have set ourselves the goal of providing the modern world with its progressive and ever-growing technology stacks a very high standard of security. "What if all data were accessible only to its owners?".

A true spirit of innovation guarantees the further development of our expertise in cybersecurity development and consulting.
We support the implementation of policies that technically implement and facilitate data protection guidelines.
Operational security
By OpSec, we mean the sum of strategies and processes for protecting data that enable an attacker to gain knowledge about his target.
Software development
When it comes to developing and implementing modern and, above all, secure applications and processes, we are happy to help.



We can only look a short distance into the future, but there we can see a lot that needs to be done.

Alan Turing