It is far from true that hackers are only interested in medium-sized and large companies. In fact, any lucrative target is an incentive for cybercriminals. Young companies that are still in the start-up phase are no exception. Thus, investments in cyber security should be made at an early stage.

Cyber Security for Start-ups & Scale-ups

We in the Startup Environment

Start-ups deliver real innovation and are an important part of various sectors of the economy. Innovations and new systems always offer dangers due to unknown threats that were not thought through during the conceptualization of new technologies. Jan Kahmen (Managing Partner) accompanied several start-ups in conceptualizing and safely implementing disruptive technologies.


IT Security Protects your Intellectual Property

Creative Ideas often the target of Hacker Attacks

Since such startups are tackling many challenges at the same time, they are often an excellent target. They lack IT security policies and adequate protection of sensitive data. The reasons for this can be varied, but usually originate in a lack of know-how and limited financial resources. This is also the reason why many cybercriminals choose to put their focus on startups.

Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive technologies such as AI, blockchain, or metaverse are changing many areas of business, this also exposes new attack vectors that need to be looked at.

Modern Processes

Modern processes increase efficiency and productivity gains and must always be available and resistant to attacks from inside and outside.

Novel Business Models

With new types of business models, you also have to think differently in the area of security, because old guidelines or ways of thinking are not completely sufficient.

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