Automotive cyber security is also becoming increasingly important for automakers. New rules affecting common software updates for connected vehicles have been in force since the beginning of 2022.

Cyber Security Protects against Industrial Espionage & Supply Chain Attacks

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The entire industry surrounding the automotive industry is undergoing change. New software features are standard equipment as well as complex network protocols to enable data-driven business models and efficient communication. Our security consultant Fabian Gold (graduate engineer, OSCP) has several years of experience in testing modern network protocols, in research as well as in practice, so that we can access profound knowledge for you.


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IT Security in Automotive

There is no question that vehicles have IT security gaps - after all, there is hardly any system that is 100 percent secure. This makes it all the more important to eliminate potential risks as early as possible and to close vulnerabilities in car components. But even previously undetected security gaps in modern technologies can only be identified and eliminated with the right procedures.

Data-driven business models

Business models based on data analytics and AI are increasingly common in this industry. These require special protection to prevent good insights and manipulation.

Connected vehicles

In the future, more and more devices and systems will be networked to drive faster data exchange and responsiveness. The car of the future needs secure interfaces to other ecosystems.

Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving is a very critical area of application development, as hacks or misconfigurations can cause human harm and require extensive testing.

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