In the field of health, cyber security is of increasing importance. The reason for this is digitization in healthcare, which enables institutions to make numerous innovations. At the same time, it is an extremely critical infrastructure: it stores sensitive data about the health of the population.

Cyber Security

We in Healthcare!

The healthcare sector belongs to the critical infrastructure (KRITIS) and has a high need for protection. Caroline Mösler (M.Sc, OSCP) has expertise from research at the Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Epidemiology (IMISE) at the University of Leipzig as well as in the practical implementation of penetration tests in the KRITIS environment. Testing of DiGa innovations or medical products is essential for a successful launch and accreditation.



IT Security in Healthcare

Hospitals, laboratories and medical institutes all benefit from professional health IT security. These security structures make it possible to develop new processes and make them available on different devices. The data must also be securely protected across remote access.

DiGA Innovations

Medical products seeking DiGa accreditation require high levels of assurance also for the DiGa approval itself.

Medical products

A medical device is basically a product that serves a medical purpose and in most cases works with sensitive information.

Digitization in healthcare

All healthcare systems are becoming increasingly digitized to better treat all people. These opportunities must be subjected to close scrutiny.

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