With many tech companies moving to the cloud, regular cloud audits should ensure more cyber security in the industry. It is also important to identify attacks as quickly as possible and limit damage in the agile environment.

Technology and Cyber Security

We in Technology!

New technologies affect every new business. Increased competition requires action in adapting business models. The importance of efficient and secure processes is essential. Till Oberbeckmann (Managing Partner) supports your company to securely implement new technologies and cyber security solutions and to detect threats.


High-tech and IT Security

Principles in the Tech Sector

Realizing these aspects alongside digital transformation is an important foundation for expanding the internal business processes of the technology industry. This is where, for example, targeted, security-related and effective IT security solutions take effect,

Product Innovation

Product innovations require special protection against competition and espionage attacks by states. The entire product cycle must therefore be hardened and verified.

Software as a Service

Using software as a kind of service offers many advantages, but it is even more important that the provider pays attention to the security of the data, as large attack vectors can be created by these services.

Industry 4.0

New types of economic production with the inter-company networking require special attention due to the ever-increasing complexities.

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