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A spear phishing simulation is used to increase the detection ability of employees. We help you to sensitize your employees and thus strengthen the last barrier.

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Email Spear Phishing Detect

In contrast to general phishing, in which a large volume of e-mails is sent, spear phishing specifically targets individual persons. The attackers try to gain your trust and pretend to be an acquaintance. An email spear phishing simulation is used to increase the detection ability of your employees. We help you to sensitize your employees and thus strengthen the last barrier.



Explanation & Definition

What is Email Spear Phishing?

Email spear phishing is a digital communication scam that targets specific individuals or companies. Although it is mostly intended to steal data for criminal purposes, the basic intention is often to install malware and infiltrate the IT infrastructure.

Email, usually from trusted source
A Red Team Assessment does not look for multiple vulnerabilities, but for the vulnerabilities that can be used to achieve the goals.
query sensitive data without permission
A pentest, on the other hand, is designed to uncover as many vulnerabilities and configuration issues as possible, exploit them, and determine the level of risk. The methods used by the Red Team include social engineering, electronic and physical pentests, and all the methods generally used in a security assessment.
E-mail highly individualized
Red Teaming operations have narrowed down the objectives and concurrent approach. They often require more people, resources, and time as they go in depth to fully understand the realistic level of risk and vulnerabilities related to an organization's technology, people, and physical resources.

Features & Pattern

Typical Characteristics of Spear Phishing at a Glance

Due to the targeted preparation, it is often difficult for laypersons to recognize a spear phishing e-mail. Social media channels, for example, are also being used more and more frequently for communication. However, there are some characteristics you can look for in any email:

Spear phishing mails resemble normal phishing mails and often contain a subject line that arouses the employee's curiosity.
The individualized email tries to trick the victim's trust by providing very personal information.
The e-mail often contains a link or attachment that is opened impulsively by the employee due to the individual, personal and emotional address.
The content and context of the spear phishing mail is logically structured and hardly arouses suspicion.

Phishing Assessment Sensitizes Employees!

Protect Yourself with an Email Spear Phishing Assessment

If you want to protect yourself effectively, you should know how hackers work and make your employees aware of e-mail spear phishing. In the security assessment, our security engineers demonstrate how easy it is to obtain third-party data. This also introduces employees to IT security for whom digital attacks were previously only an abstract threat.

We offer a high degree of individualization in the selection of attack methods. For example, only the critical areas of your company can be sensitized. If you have special requirements, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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