Process Monitoring

To make full use of security monitoring, it must collect and analyze information from a variety of sources. Only through a comprehensive pool of data is it possible for the mechanisms to detect suspicious cyber security incidents. The same applies to unauthorized system changes that could harm the company.

Definition and Explanation

What is Process Monitoring?

The term security monitoring originates from IT security and refers to the recording and analysis of security threats. Automated and centralized processes are used to detect threats quickly and reliably. In addition, these mechanisms can take appropriate action to avert subsequent damage.



Explanation & Definition

How does Process Monitoring Work?

In addition to these special features, security monitoring tools are characterized by their special capabilities: Based on predefined behaviors, they can trigger alerts as soon as suspicious behavior occurs. In this way, they help keep the current security status high and visualize it for management.

Functionality of the Process Monitoring

How does Process Security Monitoring Benefit Your Company?

Cloud security and the like are an important topic for companies and organizations. With continuous monitoring of internal IT systems, security monitoring enables precisely this. Tools for cyber security monitoring offer the following added value at company level:

They help detect anomalies or suspicious operations that could come from a cyberattack.
They review and evaluate events and can initiate appropriate countermeasures.
They help management to grasp the current security situation at a glance.

Added Value

The Advantages Summarized

Cyber Security and Monitoring Systems provide numerous benefits to the entire enterprise. The following are among the most important benefits at the enterprise level.

Their seamless records are traceable, making them suitable for compliance reporting.
Continuous monitoring helps visualize IT security status in real time, minimizing downtime in the IT infrastructure.
Continuous review stands for comprehensive insight into the IT infrastructure. This means that the entire IT landscape is more transparent, which also benefits the work with DevSecOps.


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