Darknet Intelligence

You can never know how secure your own systems are until they are attacked. Our Red Team experts help you get an effective demonstration of tangible risk to plan future security initiatives.

Definition and Explanation

OSINT Methods for Darknet Assessment

Due to the large number of forums and developments on the Darknet, it is increasingly likely that your documents or data will also be listed on the Darknet at some point. To prevent this abuse, companies need special early warning systems that reliably detect possible data loss. We recommend every company to use a Darknet Intelligence service to minimize attacks from these threat sources. The goal of Darknet Intelligence is to improve IT risk management and increase cybersecurity for your company.



OSINT Methods

What is Darknet Intelligence?

Darknet forums are professionally and fully searched by a darknet intelligence provider.

Darknet Intelligence for Enhanced IT Security

Can Companies Monitor the Darknet or Deep Web itself at All?

Searching the darknet for company information on your own is very complicated and not feasible for the borrowing party. Through a darknet intelligence provider, darknet forums are searched professionally and fully without taking high risks. Our IT experts use the most up-to-date methods to generate and analyze information from the darknet or deep web

We analyze databases for access data related to domains.
All datasets are run using our proven query algorithms for comprehensive results.
We check data files for security issues, e.g. the mother's maiden name in relation to the respective persons.

Detect Leaked Data at an early Stage

Protect your Data from Attacks from the Darknet

Based on the information obtained, we derive countermeasures for existing and upcoming incidents

Identify potential data leaks
Change credentials of compromised accounts
Sensitization of employees to the handling of data

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