Pentest in the Google Cloud

GCP environments can be compromised in many ways and have misconfigurations because they offer high flexibility. We help you secure your cloud infrastructure against external attackers with a pentest.

Definition and Explanation - IT Security Analysis

What is GCP Penetration Testing?

GCP penetration testing, or GCP for short, provides your organization with an IT security analysis of the effectiveness of the GCP configuration. Here, we analyze the GCP architecture and its features and services in the cloud model of shared responsibility. Deeply integrated into the GCP ecosystem, our security engineers test for a range of GCP-specific misconfigurations, permissions and implementation errors.

Modern Cyber Security

Google Cloud Platform Security

As the basis for secure applications and communications, the cloud infrastructure cannot be neglected. Advanced knowledge of server operating systems, transport encryption and infrastructure configuration enables our cyber security engineers to efficiently analyze GCP configurations.

Pentesting in the Cloud

Penetration Test for GCP Configurations

The penetration test for AWS configurations is planned, executed and evaluated by our specially trained security engineers according to recognized standards.

IAM Misconfigurations
GCP Privileges
GCP Privileges
Google Features

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