Proven Cyber Security for Digital Systems

Use our comprehensive security certificate to prove to customers and users the high level of security of your web applications, mobile apps and infrastructures. Successful accreditation is preceded by a cloud assessment or penetration test.

Definition and Explanation

Cloud or Pen Test Security Certificate as a Competitive Advantage!

The certificates we issue prove a high level of security at a given time. Depending on the assessment, different test guidelines, standards or test modules are selected and evaluated. The assessment is based, among other things, on the practical guidelines for pentests of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and on the EU-DSGVO.

With our certificate, our customers can also demonstrate online that the security measures developed are effective and that security regulations are adhered to. The company's image can also be positively highlighted, as it suggests that IT security, data security, secure data centers and data protection are an important foundation.

Our certificate is only issued if a good cloud assessment or pentest result has been achieved, or the free retest, confirms the required level of maturity.

Certificates for Penetration Testing, Cloud Security Assessments and selected Services

Interfaces as well as Front- and Backend

Web and API Applications

Web and API applications are tested and certified by us according to the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide. Below you will find the individual partial tests:

Information Procurement
Configuration Management
Session Management
Error Handling
Identity Management
Input Validation
Business Logic
User Side Vulnerabilities
Patch Management

iOS and Android Pentesting

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications (apps) are tested and certified by us according to the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide. In the following you will find the individual partial tests:

Architecture, Design and Threat Analysis
Data storage and Data Protection
Session Management
Network Communication
Platform Interaction
Business Logic
Code Quality and Build Settings
Manipulation Security

Server, IoT, WLAN and Firewalls


Infrastructures are tested and certified by us according to the Penetration Testing Execution Standard. In the following you will find the individual partial tests:

Collection of Information
Firewall Analysis
Patch Management
VPN Analysis
Privilege Escalation
Network Manipulation
Active Directory (AD)
IoT Devices (Internet of Things)
Public Key Infrastructures

Cloud Cyber Security

Cloud Security Assessments

Cloud Security Assessments are conducted and evaluated by our specially trained SecurityEngineers according to recognized standards of information security planning.

Microsoft Azure
Digital Ocean
Open Telekom Cloud


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