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Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in IT Security

When it comes to cybercrime, there is no denying the benefits of artificial intelligence to quickly identify attackers.

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The Future of IT Security Lies in Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to cybercrime, the benefits of Artificial Intelligence cannot be denied. Many companies realize too late that they are the target of an attack. The federal government, like leading organizations, is increasingly investing in the benefits that Artificial Intelligence offers them: Improved IT security.

Why do AI and IT Security go so well Together?

What is artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is concerned with machine learning and the automation of intelligent behavior by algorithms. However, the term is difficult to define. This is because a definition for "intelligence" is lacking. Nevertheless, companies benefit from implementing the advantages of artificial intelligence into their IT security.

Good IT Security is Vulnerability Management

The focus of IT Security is to fix vulnerabilities that attackers exploit. It is vulnerability management, which you can use regularly to detect and close security gaps. If such gaps are found in your system, they pose a risk to sensitive data. This is where you benefit from the advantages of artificial intelligence.
Another goal is to ensure compliance with contractual and legal regulations. If IT security is guaranteed, it thus represents the basis for compliance in the company. The advantages of artificial intelligence help to achieve these IT security goals.

Pentest - Attack in the Service of Security

A penetration test is a security test where experts test computers as well as networks of any size. Their goal is to increase IT security. Here, IT security experts are tasked with testing the IT infrastructure in the company.
In doing so, they draw on the methods and means of hackers. With such a penetration test, you can detect vulnerabilities in the system that would remain undetected. The company in which the so-called white hats operate allows these attacks in order to uncover the vulnerabilities. By documenting attack methods used, these gaps can then be fixed.
A standard penetration test is thus an authorized access to the system, which is equivalent to that of a hacker. The advantage for your company: Your sensitive data will not fall into the wrong hands. As a rule, such a standard penetration test does not include social engineering. However, it lends itself to a goal-oriented result, as employees or standardized workflows also represent a security risk.

And here's what Artificial Intelligence brings to IT Security

Few technologies offer you such advantages in the context of cyber security as Artificial Intelligence. It is capable of more than detecting and defending against attacks. Properly trained, it can support your business in numerous application areas. However, it is still in its infancy and will probably only be able to develop its full potential properly in the future.

A Resilient Roadmap for IT Security Thanks to AI

AI is considered resilient and future-proof. That makes the benefits of AI a priority for your cybersecurity plan.
When combined with Machine Learning, you reap the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. As you improve IT security, AI identifies anomalies and predicts areas of risk. These predictions are highly reliable due to the learning process. This helps you take advantage of AI and underpin your cybersecurity plan.

AI is Vigilant 24/7

Important for your IT security: the big advantage of Artificial Intelligence is that it does not involve manual tracking methods. Because it is based on algorithms, it monitors millions of events every day. It detects patterns and classifies activities or incidents as good, neutral or malicious. Manually, such a volume of data cannot be processed by security analysts.
When it comes to the need for root-cause analysis, AI gets you to a faster result. The AI forwards the results of this analysis to the security team so that they can take immediate action. This collaboration frees up your employees and allows you to focus on priorities: Those that require a high level of cognitive effort.

Active at all Points in the Security Cycle

The benefits of artificial intelligence are evident in all parts of the security cycle.
Important aspects include scaling and accuracy. As data traffic increases, so does the number of threats. Monitoring this volume is costly, with the threat increasing exponentially. Can your company provide a team of analysts that can handle the ever-increasing challenges? For many companies, such an approach is impossible.
The advantage of artificial intelligence is that it processes, analyzes, and leverages volumes of data in parallel. It helps detect breaches as early as day zero. Machine learning increases the accuracy of algorithms, so their potential will continue to expand in the future.
The increasing number of use cases overwhelms many people. The Machine Learning algorithm, on the other hand, uses them to continuously evolve. This means that at a certain point, the algorithm reaches the capabilities of a human.
The fact that nothing escapes its attention is another advantage of artificial intelligence. It focuses throughout on tracking IT security threats. In doing so, the AI reacts to the smallest anomalies, tracks them and records them. With its steep learning curve, it improves user behavior. Incidents are detected early, so they become less dangerous. Self-healing processes help contain damage.

AI will Improve IT Security - and make it Easier

The benefits of artificial intelligence lie in its efficiency and applications. With an increased focus on cyber security, AI is helping to reduce cyber attacks. Higher goals for IT security can be found in many companies and organizations that are convinced of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence. They are actively investing in its advancement and doing their part in IT security.
However, the benefits of Artificial Intelligence are not only evident in leading companies or research institutes. Even in a smaller company, you can benefit from higher and improved IT security.
The benefits of Artificial Intelligence will have a significant impact on the future of cyber security. With a provider like, you are on the right side: the individualized compilation of security assessments contributes to an increased synergy effect in your company.
The range of services in the area of IT security comprises three points: Pentests to identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, cloud pentests for your cloud infrastructure and attack simulations to test how responsive you are.


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