External Chief Information Security Officer

Our support for management in meeting their information security obligations is based on our extensive experience and expertise. We can help you ensure compliance with legal requirements, industry standards, and internal policies and procedures. To this end, we offer consulting, training and coaching, as well as policy and procedure development. We also assist you in implementing measures to improve information security. Our goal is to identify, assess, and appropriately address risks and ensure compliance with policies.

Definition and Explanation

What is an Chief Information Security Officer?

An external Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is a person who monitors and reviews an organization's information security. He or she is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring policies and procedures that ensure the security of the company and its data. The responsibilities of an external security officer include implementing security solutions, conducting security audits, investigating security incidents, developing training materials, and developing and monitoring company security policies and procedures.

Customized Design

External CISO for Various Management Systems

An external chief information security officer with ISO 27001, the NIST framework, or your own ISMS is responsible for ensuring compliance with security standards. He or she can also help develop and implement internal security policies and procedures, investigate security incidents, and prepare reports. In addition, he or she is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the system to ensure that it meets the needs of the organization and that it is regularly kept up to date. In most companies, the information security officer (ISO) and the CISO are usually one and the same person.

External Support

Our Tasks as ISO / CISO

We support you in all activities associated with the operation of the respective ISMS.

Audit Support
Support with the internal audit, ISMS manual, data protection audit or the statement of applicability (SoA).
Review of Security Incidents
Security incident review involves collecting and evaluating information to prevent potential threats and close security gaps.
Control of Service Providers
Control of service providers involves checking compliance with security policies and standards by external service providers to ensure that sensitive data and systems are protected. Optimization of technical and organizational measures.
Collaboration in Safety-related Projects
Collaborating on security-related projects means being involved in the development and implementation of IT security solutions to create a secure online environment.
External Data Protection Officer (DPO)
We also review data protection laws, policies, and procedures in connection with IT security incidents. Data protection risk management according to EU-DSGVO.


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