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The integration of new technologies also brings new security issues, especially in a flexible and agile environment. Thus, with Microsoft Azure, it is also the user's responsibility to have pentests performed.

Definition and explanation - IT Security Analysis

What is Microsoft Azure Penetration Testing?

Microsoft Azure Security Penetration Testing provides your organization with an IT security analysis of the effectiveness of the MA configuration. Here, the MA architecture and its powerful APIs are analyzed using the methods of a real attacker. Deeply integrated into the MA ecosystem, our security engineers test for a range of MA-specific misconfigurations, permissions, and implementation errors.

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Azure Security

As the basis for secure applications and communication, the cloud infrastructure cannot be neglected. Advanced knowledge of server operating systems, transport encryption and infrastructure configuration enables our security engineers to efficiently analyze MA configurations.

Azure Components Pentesting

Penetration Testing for Azure Configurations

The penetration test for MA configurations is planned, executed and evaluated by our specially trained security engineers according to recognized standards.

IAM Misconfigurations
MA Privileges
Access Controls

Learn more about Performing Cloud Penetration Tests with turingpoint!

Azure Components and Cloud Security

Scope of Microsoft Azure Cloud Security

As a general rule, the longer our cloud security engineers examine your cloud infrastructure, the more meaningful the results. If you have special requirements, we will be happy to make you an individual offer.

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