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Informing about Ethical Hacking with Podcasts

Here you can find out what ethical hacking is and which podcasts you can use to learn about it.

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Hacking is seen by the average population as something consistently negative and dangerous. "Hacking is always criminal" is the widespread belief. Reports in the media about cyber attacks and data theft support this belief. Reports, documentaries and films also play their part. In fact, however, hacking is an activity that can also be used for good. Many (large) companies employ hackers and let them carry out completely legal actions. Ethical hacking is commonplace. There are even books and IT podcasts that deal with the topic.

What is Ethical Hacking?

With the proliferation of smart devices and growing digital connectivity, systems are constantly at risk. An ethical hacker, also known as a "white-hat", is an IT expert in computer and network technology. He uses his skills to test his employer's or client's security systems for vulnerabilities. This is done, for example, as part of red teaming . He specifically attacks the network and the applications in order to develop the security strategies against real attacks with malicious motives from the knowledge gained. Ethical hacking is also known by terms such as intrusion or penetration testing.

Which IT Podcasts provide Information on the Topic?

The fact that ethical hacking is becoming more and more important is due to the challenges of our time. There are countless books that shed light on the topic and IT security in general, bringing it out of the shadows into the light and educating the population. But what is far less in the cone of light are IT podcasts that deal with a wide variety of topics - ethical hacking, for example. Compared to books (unless available as audiobooks), they have the clear advantage that podcasts can be listened to while driving, doing sports or other activities. Especially when the podcast is structured as a dialogue between two or more people, it conveys the content in a more entertaining way. These podcasts on the topic are particularly recommended:

Darknet Diaries

Many people have already heard that, in addition to the Internet known to most people, there is also a so-called Darknet. This is a hidden area of the internet that can only be accessed using a special browser. Data traffic is encrypted and users remain anonymous. This enables them, for example, to buy or sell anything that, according to the current law, should not exist. The Podcast Darknet Diaries focuses on everything that happens in the hidden parts of the network. Conversations with hackers or insiders inform about security breaches, shadow government activities and of course cybercrime. It is thereby more entertainment-oriented than aimed at imparting knowledge.

Security Weekly

This podcast (as the name suggests) focuses strongly on security-related IT topics. It shows possibilities to ensure more security in one's own network within the framework of ethical hacking, among other things. A broad team and a large number of experts exchange views on interesting and relevant topics. The audience will get a wealth of knowledge and will be equipped (at least to a certain extent) against threats from the network. Security Weekly has been around for more than 10 years and has won several awards during that time.

Daniel Meissler

In his podcast of the same name, the American Daniel Meissler provides information once a week on topics that affect security, technology and society. He not only focuses on the here and now, but also addresses what could come next. Unlike the previously mentioned podcasts, this one can only be listened to via a paid membership.


Launched back in 2007, the Podcast Risky Business describes itself as a must-read for information security experts. Every week, the podcast highlights a wide variety of problems or trends in its own thematic cosmos through the exchange of experts. The content is dynamic and is conveyed in a relaxed manner. This format is certainly less suitable for beginners; you should already have a certain amount of know-how.


The range of IT podcasts is broad and despite the fact that they all cover the same range of topics, the recommendations listed are very different. If you are looking for more background information (for example on ethical hacking), you will certainly find the right format for you among the options listed. More content on the topic can be found at "The 99 Cyber Security Podcasts".


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