Test the Reaction of your IT Processes!
Attack simulations are used to test an organization's detection and response capabilities. This assessment emulates a malicious actor actively attacking and trying to escape detection.

Test the Reaction of your IT Processes!

Attack simulations are used to test an organization's detection and response capabilities. This assessment emulates a malicious actor actively attacking and trying to escape detection.

What is an Adversary Simulation?

An attack simulation is a realistic simulation of a real attack, which takes into account not only technical but also human security factors, which are not included in conventional pentests. All digital and analogue processes from the IT security management of a company are put to the test and an attempt is made to access sensitive information in every conceivable way and as undetected as possible. In this way, you gain valuable insights, from prevention to detection to reaction, and achieve a sensitization of the responsible employees. A pentest or cloud audit, on the other hand, should uncover as many vulnerabilities and configuration problems as possible, exploit them and determine the risk level. All identified security problems are presented to the customer together with an impact assessment, a proposal for risk reduction or a technical solution.

Adversary Simulation

Our APT Simulations

Attack simulations (often also APT simulations) are very individually designed by us and the framework conditions must always be defined in close consultation with the customer. Basically, we classify e-mail spear phishing into two categories, whereby e-mail spear phishing is often also carried out as part of a Red Team Assessment.

Red Teaming
Red Teaming

Red Teaming emulates a malicious actor actively attacking and trying to escape detection, similar to an advanced and persistent cyber threat.

E-Mail Spear Phishing
E-Mail Spear Phishing

Phishing attacks are very focused and sophisticated in that they are not classified as such by the security infrastructure or the spam filter. The last line of defense is then the employee.

Social Engineering
Social Engineering

In a social engineering attack, the perpetrator exploits the human vulnerability through virtual or physical manipulation techniques. With our Social Engineering Assessment, we help you to sensitize employees and improve your IT security.

Before an attack simulation, a Cloud Security Assessment or Pentest is recommended.


Companies that trust our expertise.

  • Patrick Wölfel
    Patrick Wölfel
    Head of IT - RuV BKK

    We attach great importance to the security of our customer data. In this respect, we have commissioned turingpoint to examine our online office for possible weaknesses and to identify potential for improvement. What we particularly rate about turingpoint is the professional communication with the team as well as their adherence to deadlines. We received a very well-structured and comprehensible final report. This made it possible for our software developer to systematically eliminate the weak points that were found. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

  • Frederik Vollert
    Frederik Vollert
    Managing Director & Co-Founder - Phrase

    turingpoint conducted a web penetration test on the Phrase.com website and API as an external system audit as part of our Information Security Management System. The team conducted the tests in a highly professional manner, identifying a number of potentially malicious exploits and security enhancements through libraries, the application of security protocols and the browser level. The report helped us identify current strengths and weaknesses in our security architecture and resulted in changes to our code base to minimize security weaknesses. We look forward to our next penetration test with turingpoint!

  • Hans Lechner
    Hans Lechner
    Head of IT - reifencom GmbH

    I hereby confirm to turingpoint GmbH, Rödingsmarkt 9, 20459 Hamburg, Germany, for us services of penetration testing within the scope of a security audit of public web applications to have produced. The scope of services included the testing of the web pages of Internet presence and the associated e-commerce system of our company. The services were completed on time and in very high quality within the set deadline. quality workmanship. The interests of the client were always taken into account and the service is performed to the complete satisfaction of the customer.

  • Dr. med. Christoph Twesten
    Dr. med. Christoph Twesten
    Founder / CTO - MillionFriends

    Perfood GmbH address several diseases and predeseases with digital therapeutics. The portfolio includes medical products and DIGAs (digital health application under the German Healthcare Act). IT Security is a very important aspect of our business. In April 2020 turingpoint conducted a penetration-test on the API of our backend as an external system audit as part of the certification process for one of our medical products. In July 2020 we consulted turingpoint for a global Cybersecurity audit including our mobile app, backend, website and aspects of IT security in our office in Lübeck. The team conducted the tests in a very professional way and was a great help in finding potential threats and optimize the security of our system. Turingpoint also reviewed the architecture of our backend setup and helped us to design this critical part of our infrastructure in the most secure way. We are very satisfied with the results and looking forward to our next project together!

  • Boris Steinke
    Boris Steinke
    CTO - JITpay™ GmbH

    As a FinTech and logistics start-up, we at JITpayTM rely on state-of-the-art technologies and have efficient digital business processes. With JITpayTM we have created the possibility to digitalise the accounting processes in logistics. As part of the Central Accounting System (ZAL®), JITpayTM takes over the accounting of all logistics costs for shippers, forwarders and transport companies. At JITpayTM the topic of security is of particular importance because we are not only a service provider but also handle sesible data in large quantities. In September 2020 we commissioned turingpoint to conduct a penetration test as part of the certification process for an authority, in order to find possible leaks in our APIs and backends. The turingpoint team carried out the tests in a very professional way and searched our systems for potential threats in 14 days. At the end of the tests we received a very good and understandable report that helped us to fix the detected threats. We are very satisfied with the results and look forward to our next joint project!

  • David Holetzeck
    David Holetzeck
    CEO - Table of Visions

    Our expectations regarding quality, customer service and the execution of the penetration test and the hosting security check were exceeded and we can recommend the team of turingpoint GmbH without any restrictions. If you are looking for a service provider who prepares documents in such a way that everyone can understand them and provides advice on how to solve problems, turingpoint is the right partner for you.

  • Toyota
  • UniCredit
  • R und V BKK
  • eqs group
  • Phrase
  • reifencom
  • Billomat
  • JitPay
  • Speechagain

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